Terms and Conditions

XTREME RACING TUNING is not Responsible/Liable for any ECU, Engine, Chassis or any other damages arising out of tuning and (or) logging or any other services performed. The Subaru Owner(s) accepts All Risks.

XTREME RACING TUNING expects the vehicle to be well maintained and that all maintenance been completed for tuning for a safe,effected and efficient tuning to minimised delays in tuning. This requirement is to keep within the 14 DAYS time period allotted for tuning.

Tuning much be completed within 14 DAYS of the Invoice date, unless agreed upon between Xtreme Racing Tuning and the Customer on special projects or situations.

Tuning usually takes 5 to 10 workings or a maximum of 14 working days from the Invoice date.

They will be NO refund once tuning has started.

If for some reason a refund is requested within THREE (3) DAYS of the invoice date and they have been no tuning, Xtreme Racing Tuning will refund 75% of the Invoice value. Otherwise, they will be no refund after THREE (3) DAYS of the Invoice date.

All tunes committed and where applicable is lock. Customers do not have access to tunes.

Where it is that a customer wants to have the car retune by another tuner, XRT tuned will be removed and the oem tune will be committed.

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