Subaru Ascent Tuning

XRT is the only Tuning company beside Cobb Tuning to demonstrate it tuning capabilities and the release of tuning information to the World before any other tuning companies. In fact, tuning companies requires Cobb Tuning to support these models. XRT don’t! Thats being innovative and creative!

Please also note XRT is a Cobb Protuner and we support tuning of the Subaru Ascent using the Cobb Accessport.

In respect to our research and development (as shown at the very below) on the Subaru Ascent & the FA24DIT operating in this vehicle, we are offering Stage 0 and 1 tuning support to owners with the following requirements:

  • Tuning that does not require a device to be installed in the car
  • Improve driveability with clear objectivity in engine response
  • Improve Fuel Mileage
  • Reduce throttle lag
  • Better sounding throaty engine
  • A little more pep (Stage 1)
  • Improve CVT Operations

The tuning is really considered for those not liking the small little issues as highlighted in our XRT Subaru Ascent Whatsapp group –



Customer Reviews

Stage 1 Development Tuned

Stock Drag Data

8 responses on “Subaru Ascent Tuning

  1. Cory Jeter

    Hey have you guys started doing tunes on the Gen 6 Outback XT models yet? If so I am interested. If not I’m interested to help you guys if I can.

    1. XRT Post author

      We do not have the support from the developer that can help but it is possible. let em check on that.

  2. stephen labounty

    Both of your distance tests say Attempt #1. Was this just a mistake? Or do you have another set of numbers coming?

    1. XRT Post author

      Not it is the software way of saying that in the testing, it was one scenario instead of multiples in one session.

  3. Jeremy Roberson

    Just bought my wife a 2020 Ascent Touring and came from a diesel x5 and the Subaru is a turtle , is there anything I can do to make it faster without voiding the warranty?


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