XRT is a Tuning company with over 16 years of tuning experience, knowledge and skills.

Our in-depth heritage knowledge in Street/Race allows us to understand the needs of our customers – from basic performance to race spec.

Our motto of “Viciously Tuned, Driven Hard” is a result of our past and continuing tuning and driving future, which allows us to provide many specialised services, bring that project to reality.

XRT believes when it X-Touch a car, that car should be and is a statement. We strongly believe in having an efficient and reliable car, being able to handle whatever comes against it – Whether driving it spiritedly or track/drag racing.

XRT customer involved program shares its spirit, heritage and personalised service with its customers, that we continue to receive extraordinary positive feedback from each customer we X-Touch. Customers continue to come back for advice and in some cases, form they own elite groups, representing themselves on the street/group/forums.

Last but not least, some of our Edge-Tuned cars are statement cars; running safe and reliable – to be reckon with; because our customers know they will stand-up as they make that mark.

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