PaulH – 2011 JDM Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line 2.5 5EAT


Car feels amazing during pulls and can’t wait to get it on a nice stretch of road

The car is now feeling much better than I imagine, it moves and feels GREAT threw out the entire power-band, no more waiting till after 5000rpms to feel being pushed back in the seat. XRT is the best in customer service, turn around time and great advisor and tuner. Turn the car from slouchy to speedy


XRT Stage 2
XRT 5EAT Tuning
Zero Sports intake
Decatted downpipe
Zero Sports exhaust
Zero Sports pulley kit
Grimspeed EBC
Turbo Heat shield and blanket
Blouch 20G XTR (8cm) (47lb/min|480CHP)
ID 1050X
DW Fuel pump
TGV Deletes



One response on “PaulH – 2011 JDM Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line 2.5 5EAT

  1. PaulH

    An amazing tune all around. I waited a couple days after the final revision was sent to me to place this post. I couldn’t be happier. XRT takes the time out to talk to the customer about how each revision of the tune is sent until the final one is made. Cars throttle response is almost instant, it gears down quickly, moves to the redline quickly and u can just feel the power of the car. Loving the feel of the car all around, it no longe takes forever to gear down, XRT ability to tune is of no doubt the best, his knowledge is superb, anything I had a concern or a question about was cleared up instantly. The customer support is also very responsive, if not immediate at most times. I would recommend XRT to anyone. Unlocking the most power, with safety in mind 🙂

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