2015+ WRX/STI: Remote Tuning Support

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XRT Remote Tuning Support for the 2015+ WRX/STI, through ECU Reflashing will be a new addition to our value added services, where customers who are looking for that X in Calibration, Response and Performance, can use us to fulfill their needs, knowing that we offer Precise Calibration and Superb Enhance Customer Service to accomplish their tuning needs and goals. We believe based on our accomplishments of 11yrs, we can achieve great results very quickly, safely and efficiently – https://xtremeracingtuning.com/about/our-achievements/
The addition of this new service will means that it will play very well into our aims; where over the years XRT have been developing its tuning strategies, for example, where persons using Cobb & EcuTek has made a switch to XRT and cannot believe how well the car works on stock boost. By doing so, we have put those others solutions to the test where those same solutions are running Stage 1 and 2 mappings. We just spend more timing Calibrating (Fine Tuning) and tremendous amount of logging and replaying logs in a format one can see issues and determine where, what, when and how a technique is applied. Many wonder how this is possible but the latter just shows you. We really care about real tuning (Calibrating) like a surgeon.
Once there strategies are applied, and especially on the FA platforms, we can expect to see the XRT Engine Response and Performance (XERP) increase tremendously in comparison to the competition. We do not follow or adhere to the general trend of tuning below. We believe in fully calibrating the Car for its environment, modifications and the owner’s needs.

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