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Ed at XRT has superior customer service and coming from me if you know me means something.
My 21psi was caused by a faulty boost controller.
The dyno that he showed was during the discovery of this issue.
We will find out what numbers I make on a actual dyno toward the end of the month.

I haven’t taken the time to post due to unbelievably busy.

I bought my car from a forum member that had a COBB tuner and maps from other forum sponsors. Logan and Bren.

Mods were: Racer X TMIC and charge pipe GFB BPV

Me and Logan went back and forth with my car and my concerns of how my car ran and the fact that the boost would run away past 20 psi.
He eventually capped it at 18 but I still didn’t like the way my car ran with the tune.

Turns out the previous owner sold me the car with a blown head gasket. Which didn’t show till high boost pressure leaked into the cooling chamber and caused the radiator overflow bottle to over flow.

I got the head gasket replaced and needed off of this tune. I also had bought a downpipe and exhaust but waited to install them when I was going to get a new tune.

After many discussions with my Dad (lives in Hawaii) about the information on Ed’s website, we decided to give him a shot. (My Dad built and tested F1 race engines for over 15 years.)

My XRT journey:
I contacted Ed and told him my backstory and that I wanted to install my new parts and do a tune. The day I installed my new downpipe and exhaust he had me send him a log from the COBB and then un-marry it.
I was not excepting him to be ready that moment and didn’t even have the software installed. Ed called me, remoted into my laptop and installed RomRaider and ecuEdit. I hooked up the taxtirx cable and saved he saved a stock ROM. (I do this shit for a living on servers and software build machines so when someone navigates through my laptop and software like I do it impresses me.)

He then proceeds to ask me if I have time to take a ride. (I mean like right now. I’m like fucking right I do knowing I have to go COSTCO ) He emailed me a new ROM and showed me how to install it and how to take a log. Then he tells me let’s go but ease into it. (Ok I’ll call you back….) Can you do a hot spot on your phone he asked? (Hell yeah I can.) So off we went

No bullshit when I laid that pedal down and took off on my on ramp to route 70 I giggled like a little school girl. 2nd gears responsiveness was beautiful. The car had no restriction too it. Third was even better. Big ass smile on my face. I loved my car all over again. And bam lost boost and a check engine came on. I start freaking out and Ed tells me that the car is fine it cut boost and throw a code. P0244 Wastegate Solenoid A Range/Perf (High) my boost was 21psi. He asked if the boost controller could be dirty. (Well what had happen was…. I had to drop the turbo to get a stripped nut off the stock downpipe when putting the new one on and I may have spilled a shit ton of antifreeze all over everything that was discounted.)

Besides this he said the logs look good and my car ran great

Sometime had passed (Like I said insanely busy) and I had took off the boost controller and cleaned it and put it back and received a new rom. I drove the car around and the timing just kept getting better and did a 3rd gear pull. (The one he posted and it had me at 21psi again. Yes it is a concern and no he is not cranking everyone up.) And it wasn’t until I tried to pass someone at WOT in 5th gear when the car threw a code again.
Ed said that he is not seeing the wastegate function properly in the logs and wanted me to take the boost controller off and give it power to see if it opens. Low and behold it doesn’t open.

This is why I have been getting 21 psi boost. I have ordered a new boost controller and installed it and that has resolved the issue.

I have not had time to get any more logs for Ed although he asked me and follows up every day.

I will keep everybody posted as always to how my build is going.

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