Cobb Remote Tuning

XRT been offering professional Subaru Remote Tuning Services for less than two (2) decades of innovative tuning experience with all types of Subaru’s from different markets – USA to Russia to South Africa; USDM, EDM, SDM, JDM, ADM – Our Achievements

In Remote or E-Tuning, the customer downloads the Cobb Calibration from AP using the Accessport Manager and email it to XRT. During this process, you will log the car using the variables shown here and send us that log or logs with general driving and a few 2nd gear pulls if it is an Auto or 3rd Gear pulls if it is a Manual – all done from low in the rpm (1500+) till the rev limit. An example of a dyno pull is shown below: –


Once XRT receiving the Calibration and the logs, I prepare a tune and email it to you. You will upload this to the AP and the process of driving and log starts all over again. During this period, you are encouraged to give as much feedback as possible and tuning can take a few days to weeks, depending on your time. Usually, calibration per day, your car can be completed in about 3-4 days. Avg time…. 1wk.

XRT provides the following on contact:

  • Information package – Download links, customer reviews, etc.
  • Telegram contact information
  • Computer remote access and control using AnyDesk to configure all software needed. Nooby…No worry!!
  • Extensive discussions on how to drive and tune your car

XRT provides the following information during tuning:

  • Logging analyses of issues or performance
  • Dyno graphs
  • Feedback and communication to make sure all is going well as the car is learning to maximised fuel economy and performance
  • Advice on mods – if needed

What to expect from XRT Tuning

  • A Tuner who responds to your queries, with a wealth of experience and diversity, offering that support superior to none!
  • Greater throttle response
  • Linear throttle behaviour
  • Better fuel economy, especially in Wide Open Throttle (WOT)
  • Better engine response
  • Better take off from stop
  • Better sounding car
  • Increase low end to mid-range torque
  • Greater top end performance
  • If automatic, greater transmission response and smoother shifting

What XRT expects from the Customer

  • Full maintained car. Example oil change, new plugs, etc
  • Efficient AFR sensors operations
  • Test for all leaks – Intake & exhaust, especially on cars 4yrs and older.

Please note once tuning is completed, I offer a lifetime support for that tune. In other words, if you want me to review the car 6months or even a year later, that’s ok. I will provide updates as needed (sometimes for a nominal fee if additional tuning is needed. Any future mods you perform, XRT charges a retuning fee once those mods are not major and is within the current tuned. Example Engine upgrades, etc. are all major mods.

Full tuning continues on our heritage of detail logging and analysis for optimised tunes.