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Raptor Supercharged 6Gen 2015+ Subaru Legacy 3.6R CVT

The 6Gen 2015+ Subaru Legacy 3.6R #CVT is a nice package, just like the 5Gen to be #Supercharged or #Turbocharged. The latter is the 5EAT for those who may not remember or now starting to love #Subaru. With indirect transmission tuning, there is no issue tuning this model for the performance you need but owners must remember this platform runs tight engine tolerances and does heat up pretty quickly, so it is important that you keep everything cooled – Engine Coolant, especially Engine and Transmission Oil. It would be advisable to run bigger oil and transmission coolers if you plan to run the car above average and in hot climatic regions. Besides heat, the only issue we see for SC operations is the belt, which is nothing new for any SC, and belt torque is very important.

Please note for any boosted application, we recommend cooling the Air-charged and running a BPV plummed back to the intake like in other Turbocharged Subaru’s. If possible, try to keep the MAF in the original location, if not, it would be a little more tuning but we advise full customised tuning and not drop-in-based maps or maps considered to be full tunes.

Xtreme Racing Tuning has been tuning Boosted-NA’s for 10+ years and is your trusted resource for your next project. We can safely say we have been sharing such results for years outside of customers’ own posts for global reference. For further information please search our forum and FB page for references and reviews.