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First Autocross event – Trinidad

I been tuning some JDM STI cars in Trinidad way back and had the opportunity to take part in an autocross. Track is better for me and I hate such events. Either ways, I did and finally, I just gave up, throwing caution to the wind and enjoyed my last run ๐Ÿ™‚ bringing me into second place.

The car was tuned for racing, maximising torque, but no anti-lag at that time. Carberry GpN rom was not available at that time. So the boost will come on hard after lag, making it a little difficult in turns etc. In addition,ย the car had on stock suspension.

Car driven: 2004 JDM STI 2.0 Spec C tuned to 23PSI

DanS – 2002 JDM Subaru Legacy 2.0TT S401 STI (034/400)


Its now tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

Please read my review about XRT. I recommend XRT for all you needing a perfect tune.

This car is from what I know the only one in Europe at this time. Only made in 401 pcs year 2002.
As this engine is a hand built STI engine for minimum 100 octane is was very important to get it tuned for swedish 98 octane and also some improvement.
I have been following openecu forums since 2007 and ONE guy have always stand out in lots of posts. Mr. Edward!
So when car was ordered I contacted Ed and asked if could help me tune the car.
When the car was road legal we started the tune.

The support from Ed is totally outstanding. He responds to question almost 24 hours a day. He send me new updated roms faster than I could flash and log. His commitment is unique. He is more than a tuner, he is also a friend and a listener. Think that is extremely unique. He care about you and the car!

Off course the tune is also outstanding. The car is now starting more easily, idle more smooth, better respond, better engine sound, more power low and high. This tune is what Subaru should have done. Very Impressive. I can recommend all you that need a real good tune XRT and Mr. Edward.