Logging Diagnostics

Xtreme Racing Tuning (XRT) being offering Diagnostic/Troubleshooting Support Service for over 7yrs.

From time to time, we have all experienced mechanical and electrical issues and just wish we could have had support from a Tuner or the understanding, skill(s) and experience in automotive logging to help resolve the issue a little quicker, especially convincing a mechanic or seeking the right shop to complete the job.

This service allows you the owner with mechanical and or electrical issues, to have that extra service in reviewing your car through the ECU, thereby allow an efficient and quicker resolution to the matter, which can be time consuming and frustrating.

The service also allows you the customer access to XRT logging and review skills for pre and post resolution.

Below is the lay out of our Service:

  • Setup of logging software on the customer laptop
  • A quick instructor lead training in logging and general knowledge
  • Log review of the existing issue
  • Log review during the repair or resolution process
  • Log review of post resolution to verify if the mechanical or electrical issue been resolved.

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XRT Logging & Analysis Review