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MattS 600whp+ 2005 USDM STI 2.5 6MT

Matt came to me on his last hope in getting his long awaiting 2005 STI tuned, after his attempts to do it himself. I believe he did a fantastic job, but a professional hand was needed for his final push pass 25psi. Uncertain with his build (operating with issues and testing over a long period of time by him,) we offer inspiration that we can achieve results, even if it is short glory – because we can show it can be done and it was DONE!!! And in 3RD Gear. That was our achievement. In 4th gear, he is well over 600whp.

It was our first time working with the MerpMod Patch, which was nothing different to the Carberry Group N rom in a sense, but it was still interesting to see that setup outside of Cobb Tuning for a 32bit ECU Car.

I am looking forward to the future where we use the ETS FMIC and a few other minor changes like 272/280 cams.

MattS 600whp+ 2005 USDM STI 2.5 6MT @ 30psi

3rd Gear 30psi pullhttp://xtremeracingtuning.com/2020/05/04/matts-600whp-2005-usdm-sti-2-5-6mt/

Posted by Xtreme Racing Tuning on Monday, May 4, 2020

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Customer review – https://www.facebook.com/matt.slough.3/posts/10222887405802569

Below are the results and some pics of the car.

v3 3rd Gear boost - 30psi
v3 3rd Gear boost
v3 3rd Gear Dyno SAE @ 30psi
XRT v3 3rd Gear Dyno SAE @ 30psi

Merpmod Speed Density
Dual Walbro hardwired
E85 Fuel
GM IAT near throttle body
Tomioka FPR
Parallel Fuel Line w/Outfront fuel rails
1600cc FiveO Black ops inj
25i intake manifold
3″ Perrin inlet
Blouch Dom5-XTR
OEM exh mani w/grimmspeed x-over
CNT 1.95″ Uppipe w/Tial 44mm ewg
3″ downpipe/exhaust
CA625+ head studs
Tomei Poncams
GSC +1mm valves
JE Pro-seal 1mm head gasket
Nippon racing pistons .020 over
Nitrided crank
Manley H-tuff rods
Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck
ACT Streetlite 14lb flywheel

I am working on a 500+whp Block Dom 5.0 2004 USDM STI that is having some problems when the boost is over 22+psi. The customer created this short video for me to hear what it is. But I cannot resist in enjoying how sweet it sounds. What do you all think?https://www.facebook.com/XtremeRacingTuning/posts/1865297076941144Mods:Merpmod Speed DensityDual Walbro hardwiredE85GM IAT near throttle bodyTomioka FPRParallel Fuel Line w/Outfront fuel rails1600cc FiveO Black ops inj25i intake manifoldFMIC3" Perrin inletBlouch Dom5-XTROEM exh mani w/grimmspeed x-overCNT 1.95" Uppipe w/Tial 44mm ewg3" downpipe/exhaustCA625+ head studsTomei PoncamsGSC +1mm valvesJE Pro-seal 1mm head gasketEJ257 Nippon racing pistons .020 overNitrided crankManley H-tuff rods Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-PuckACT Streetlite 14lb flywheel#XRT #STI #STITuning #MERP #WRXSTITuning #WRXSTI #MERPTuning #ImprezaWRXSTI #ImprezaSTI #ImprezaWRXSTITuning #ImprezaSTITuning #BlouchDominator #BlouchTurbo #EJ257Tuning #OpensourceTuning

Posted by Xtreme Racing Tuning on Tuesday, April 21, 2020