Nemesis 2.7 has many advanced features to make tuning easier and ECU performance just like stock. On the programming software end, all 3D maps can be rotated in both axes for a better viewing angle, and the colours of the map can be altered to suit the user. A change injector flow utility allows for a global change of the fuel map based on the old and new injector flows. When viewing the 2D knock threshold table, the current knocking detected by the ECU is superimposed on the curve, allowing the user to define the knocking threshold just above the background noise. If the knock background noise becomes excessive at high rpm (it often does), then the feedback will show …… XRT Hydra Advertisement

Core Features:

  • Air Temperature compensation Strategies
  • Antilag Strategies
  • Autotune Mapping Strategy
  • Auxiliary inputs
  • Boost Control Strategies
  • Check Engine Light status
  • Coolant Temperatures compensation Strategies
  • Configurable Auxiliary outputs
  • Configurable Boost Control
  • Configurable data logging capability
  • Closed Loop Variable Cam Control for Intake and Exhaust
  • Decel Cut Strategy
  • Fuel Injector Trim per Cylinder
  • Fueling Strategies
  • Gear Related Strategies
  • Gear Trims Strategies
  • Idle Control Strategies
  • Ignition Trim per Cylinder
  • Internal or external map sensor
  • Knock Strategies
  • Closed-Loop Quad Variable 3D Cam Control w/ Dual Maps 32 by 32 grid styled (VTC/AVCS/VVTi/Vanos)
  • Launch and Flat shifting Control
  • Password Protection
  • Fuel Strategies for the street
  • Safety strategies for Fuel, Ignition andEGTā€™s
  • Support for AIM Sport dashboards and
  • Dashdaq Dashboards
  • Turbo Timer
  • Traction Control
  • True Rally (Group N)
  • Antilag Capabilities
  • User Logic Feature (OR, AND, ANDOR)

Pricing Structure