Subaru H6 Magnaflow bolt on mainfold

Technical information related to the Subaru H6 3.0R & 3.6R
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Subaru H6 Magnaflow bolt on mainfold

Post by reigo »

Recently got myself a '07 Outback with H6 3.0 5EAT. I will be looking into a bit of fine tuning it in near future but first it needs some care as it has over 300k km on the clock.
There is some repairs done on the exhaust from headers to all the way back and looking to start replacing that mess, starting from the engine side.

Has anyone some experience with Magnaflow bolt-on kits? ... -converter ... -converter

Im wondering if there are any gains over the Subaru Stock units. Sure some Raptor headers would be nice, im also looking into this with custom setup as i will not be able to reuse the current stock mess i have under there.

Thanks for any piece of advice.

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Re: Subaru H6 Magnaflow bolt on mainfold

Post by west_minist »

Yes. The modification will net you more. But in respect of the header portion, I think the raptor will be better. I do not see any specs on the Magnaflow. For right now, you can stick to my recommendations which have been tried and tested on the forum.

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