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Tuning Tools for ECU Re-Flashing


Windows 7 or greater with more than 4Gb of Memory and a fast processor  – Dual Core or more.



Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 –

Reflashing Connectors are needed for models between 2001-2007 for 16bit ECU’s. That’s



RomRaider –
Logging Definition for RomRaider –






Innovate Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge– Works with Romraider
MTX-L PLUS: Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit
DLG-1: Dual Lambda (Air/Fuel Ratio) Gauge
DB gauges



MTX-D: Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)



For the instant customer support: TeamViewer QuickSupport


RichardO – 2011 USDM Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT 6MT


Invidia Cat-back Exhaust System
GFB Mach 1 BPV
XRT ECU Stage 1 Tuning

v2 vs Stock - 3rd Gear Dyno SAE.png


My experience with XRT has been amazing.

At first, I had a stage 1 OTS cobb tune and loved it. That opened the car up to what it was capable of and once I realized that, I got hungry for more. I saw a post about XRT and started to get incredibly curious on all the gains someone received from them. Once I emailed XRT(Ed), he informed me BlackBerry Messenger(BBM) is how he chats with all his clients. He is based in the Barbados so we can call each other on BBM or Whatsapp to avoid oversea charges. After tons of research and seeing no other tuner is pushing out that type of gain with my mods, I sold my AP3, and was ready to start.

Ed informed me to download Team Viewer so he could remote into my machine and download all the applications needed to setup the logging parameters and created the file structure for logs and roms. Even if you are not a newb to open source tuning, LET HIM SET IT UP. It will be easier for everyone and if there are any issues, he is perfectly capable of correcting them.

Once all the preliminary stuff was done, he sent me a version zero rom to show me that my car is capable of a lot with stock boost. My jaw dropped. Throttle response was insane, the torque was there, and you can clearly feel that the car enjoyed it much more than the Cobb OTS tune. v0 vs Stock - 3rd Gear Dyno SAE.png

As the process continued, you could feel the car run better and better as the days went on. He transformed my car so much, I would rather drive my car to work, Downtown Washington DC, than take the train. I feel like a little kid every time I hit boost now.

With XRT, they could get maps out same day or next day. Ed is very good with being responsive within a few hours and letting you know if you need to check something on your car or not. He is very particular about how he tunes a car and how it is running. Making sure your car is mechanically fine is key to having a smooth and successful tuning process. Overall, he is a skilled and very knowledgeable tuner. He changed my car from a slow non- responsive 2011 LGT into a responsive torque monster that I enjoy driving every single day. Boost comes on smooth, the car moves when I tap the gas and everything on the car feels great. It took about eight to nine revisions before the car got where it needed to be. He is done with my Subaru for now, but he will be doing my GF’s 100% STOCK CVT Crosstrek and I am sure I will see major improvements there! I attached a Dyno sheet along with Ed’s Virtual dyno of the same dyno pulls.

No automatic alt text available.v3f Dyno SAE @ 18psi IAT=49+C.png

Recommended Air Filter Replacement: BMC Air Filter


Replacement Filter for the Legacy & Impreza –

Code: FB565/20 sizes (mm): B : 220 | A : 215


Grafico prestazioni


Why do we recommended BMC? –

Regenerating Washing Kit –


2015+ WRX/STI: Remote Tuning Support

Image result for 2015 subaru wrx FA engines
XRT Remote Tuning Support for the 2015+ WRX/STI, through ECU Reflashing will be a new addition to our value added services, where customers who are looking for that X in Calibration, Response and Performance, can use us to fulfill their needs, knowing that we offer Precise Calibration and Superb Enhance Customer Service to accomplish their tuning needs and goals. We believe based on our accomplishments of 11yrs, we can achieve great results very quickly, safely and efficiently –
The addition of this new service will means that it will play very well into our aims; where over the years XRT have been developing its tuning strategies, for example, where persons using Cobb & EcuTek has made a switch to XRT and cannot believe how well the car works on stock boost. By doing so, we have put those others solutions to the test where those same solutions are running Stage 1 and 2 mappings. We just spend more timing Calibrating (Fine Tuning) and tremendous amount of logging and replaying logs in a format one can see issues and determine where, what, when and how a technique is applied. Many wonder how this is possible but the latter just shows you. We really care about real tuning (Calibrating) like a surgeon.
Once there strategies are applied, and especially on the FA platforms, we can expect to see the XRT Engine Response and Performance (XERP) increase tremendously in comparison to the competition. We do not follow or adhere to the general trend of tuning below. We believe in fully calibrating the Car for its environment, modifications and the owner’s needs.

2015+ Subaru WRX CVT Upgrade Path

XRT Recommendations: Modification Scheme for 350-400whp


Fuel System

Exhaust System

Intake System

Boost System

Oil Recommendations: Motul

CVT Transmission Cooler: Tru-Cool LPD


KennethB – 2011 USDM Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT 6MT


Racerx intercooler and charge pipe
2008 wrx reticulating bv.
Remove Cobb AP to be tuned with XRT


From: KennethB
Sent: Tuesday, 01 August 2017 17:48
Subject: Re: lgt v2d

Ed at XRT has superior customer service and coming from me if you know me means something.
My 21psi was caused by a faulty boost controller.
The dyno that he showed was during the discovery of this issue.
We will find out what numbers I make on a actual dyno toward the end of the month.

I haven’t taken the time to post due to unbelievably busy.

I bought my car from a forum member that had a COBB tuner and maps from other forum sponsors. Logan and Bren.

Mods were: Racer X TMIC and charge pipe GFB BPV

Me and Logan went back and forth with my car and my concerns of how my car ran and the fact that the boost would run away past 20 psi.
He eventually capped it at 18 but I still didn’t like the way my car ran with the tune.

Turns out the previous owner sold me the car with a blown head gasket. Which didn’t show till high boost pressure leaked into the cooling chamber and caused the radiator overflow bottle to over flow.

I got the head gasket replaced and needed off of this tune. I also had bought a downpipe and exhaust but waited to install them when I was going to get a new tune.

After many discussions with my Dad (lives in Hawaii) about the information on Ed’s website, we decided to give him a shot. (My Dad built and tested F1 race engines for over 15 years.)

My XRT journey:
I contacted Ed and told him my backstory and that I wanted to install my new parts and do a tune. The day I installed my new downpipe and exhaust he had me send him a log from the COBB and then un-marry it.
I was not excepting him to be ready that moment and didn’t even have the software installed. Ed called me, remoted into my laptop and installed RomRaider and ecuEdit. I hooked up the taxtirx cable and saved he saved a stock ROM. (I do this shit for a living on servers and software build machines so when someone navigates through my laptop and software like I do it impresses me.)

He then proceeds to ask me if I have time to take a ride. (I mean like right now. I’m like fucking right I do knowing I have to go COSTCO ) He emailed me a new ROM and showed me how to install it and how to take a log. Then he tells me let’s go but ease into it. (Ok I’ll call you back….) Can you do a hot spot on your phone he asked? (Hell yeah I can.) So off we went

No bullshit when I laid that pedal down and took off on my on ramp to route 70 I giggled like a little school girl. 2nd gears responsiveness was beautiful. The car had no restriction too it. Third was even better. Big ass smile on my face. I loved my car all over again. And bam lost boost and a check engine came on. I start freaking out and Ed tells me that the car is fine it cut boost and throw a code. P0244 Wastegate Solenoid A Range/Perf (High) my boost was 21psi. He asked if the boost controller could be dirty. (Well what had happen was…. I had to drop the turbo to get a stripped nut off the stock downpipe when putting the new one on and I may have spilled a shit ton of antifreeze all over everything that was discounted.)

Besides this he said the logs look good and my car ran great

Sometime had passed (Like I said insanely busy) and I had took off the boost controller and cleaned it and put it back and received a new rom. I drove the car around and the timing just kept getting better and did a 3rd gear pull. (The one he posted and it had me at 21psi again. Yes it is a concern and no he is not cranking everyone up.) And it wasn’t until I tried to pass someone at WOT in 5th gear when the car threw a code again.
Ed said that he is not seeing the wastegate function properly in the logs and wanted me to take the boost controller off and give it power to see if it opens. Low and behold it doesn’t open.

This is why I have been getting 21 psi boost. I have ordered a new boost controller and installed it and that has resolved the issue.

I have not had time to get any more logs for Ed although he asked me and follows up every day.

I will keep everybody posted as always to how my build is going.

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