2010+ Subaru NA CVT | 2015+ Subaru Tuning

XRT offers tuning for the 2010+ Subaru NA models using the CVT Transmission and all 2015+ Subaru’s utilising special software that better support these models. The following tools are needed beside a windows Laptop/Notebook:

9 responses on “2010+ Subaru NA CVT | 2015+ Subaru Tuning

  1. TundraCharger

    I’m wanting to tune my 18′ Outback 3.6R, what would be the cost of the tune/cable/software?

    1. west_minist Post author

      The cost of tuning is 395usd. You will need the Tactrix cable and a piece of software costing $99usd.

      1. west_minist Post author

        Yes please. We are in the process in testing and will notify you as soon as further results are in.

      2. west_minist Post author

        We can offer tuning for $395usd. You will require the Tactrix cable and the tuning software.

  2. Miles

    I have a 2018 Subaru crosstrek with a 6mt and would like to turbo it, what is the cost of a tune, and what does that process entail?

    1. west_minist Post author

      The minimum cost of tuning is $850USD. We offer addition support cost in log analysis (hardware and electrical changes) and CVT work to optimised the added boost and power.

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