2010+ Subaru NA CVT | 2015+ Subaru Tuning

XRT offers tuning for the 2010+ Subaru NA models using the CVT Transmission and all 2015+ Subaru’s utilising special software that better support these models. The following tools are needed beside a windows Laptop/Notebook:

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  1. Seth

    2015 Subaru Legacy 3.6R CVT

    I am almost ready to get the tune and have emailed Edward. My main question is what are some additional hardware and or upgrades that are possible to create a more stable experience, for long term use. I couldn’t find much in the forums. I assume unlocking the performance of this could be hard on wearable parts, the CVT, and others that are unknown to me. Any help and guidence would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. XRT Post author

      The CVT can handle it as it is not turbo or supercharged. Mods can be exhaust and headers along with a CAI.

  2. Edmil

    I have 2015 Subaru Legacy premium is that a car that would you able to tune, If so what do I need to get and how much would it be.

  3. Kb

    Hey I have A 2010 subaru impreza 2.5i Auto with a uel header and cat back. What kind of tune does it need or prefer for it?

  4. Alan

    Just had my 2018 XV tuned by Edward.
    What a great guy to deal with. Customer service is awesome.
    No sooner I sent logs back, Edward would have a revision tune for me ready to flash with improvements.
    For a car that many says hasn’t enough power, will truely be surprised on what Edward can do in unlocking the full potential on what these cars can do.
    Very highly recommended.
    Thankyou so much!!!!

  5. TundraCharger

    I’m wanting to tune my 18′ Outback 3.6R, what would be the cost of the tune/cable/software?

    1. west_minist Post author

      The cost of tuning is 395usd. You will need the Tactrix cable and a piece of software costing $99usd.

      1. west_minist Post author

        Yes please. We are in the process in testing and will notify you as soon as further results are in.

      2. west_minist Post author

        We can offer tuning for $395usd. You will require the Tactrix cable and the tuning software.

  6. Miles

    I have a 2018 Subaru crosstrek with a 6mt and would like to turbo it, what is the cost of a tune, and what does that process entail?

    1. west_minist Post author

      The minimum cost of tuning is $850USD. We offer addition support cost in log analysis (hardware and electrical changes) and CVT work to optimised the added boost and power.

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