2015+ Subaru WRX CVT Upgrade Path

XRT Recommendations: Modification Scheme for 350-400whp


Fuel System

Exhaust System

Intake System

Boost System

Oil Recommendations: Motul

CVT Transmission Cooler: Tru-Cool LPD


8 responses on “2015+ Subaru WRX CVT Upgrade Path

  1. James Skarzenski

    With these mods and stock cvt you guys are getting 400 whp? I am getting 316-330 whp and have all these mods plus a 5 inch FMIC and F1 Motorsports high torque converter upgrade. Do you feel the stock CVT can handle 400 whp as a daily without issues?

  2. Thomas

    Hi my names Thomas I drive a 2019 CVT Subaru WRX and I’ve been looking to build my car to be around 400-450 whp and maybe 400 tq. I guess my main question is how much it would cost roughly to go from stock to there and is it safe to do so. Without blowing the trans obviously.

    1. XRT Post author

      The CVT may not last so long due to design limitations. When modding the Subaru to this level, we prefer to use other software that allow us to adjust the torque holding capacity of the clutches.

      Regardless, you may have issues with the cvt belt and clutches.

  3. Adam deltoro

    Very interested in extra ponies on my txt, have herd of lots of horror stories with cvt. How long have you been testing this?

    1. west_minist Post author

      Testing what?

      Our testing is for good function. We custom tune for you and the car. Not all cars are the same.

    1. west_minist Post author

      We were not aware at the time of such mod, even working with owners who were heavily modded

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