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Over the many years of Remote Tuning (14yrs now as of 2006), the following information highlighted below is what customers try to attain before or during tuning and if these little ta-bits can be had, persons seeking a tune can be 100% ready and comfortable in tuning.

Before I start, allow me to briefly introduce myself in point form

Years of experience: 14yrs (as of 2006)
Specialisation: Subaru
Background: B.Sc in Mathematics, Physics, Electronics | IT, Telecoms, Cybersecurity, Past Part-Time Tuning Instructor at a Technical College, Driver – lite sports, Cooking, hiking, family man, etc
Tuning capabilities: OEM ECU, SYVECS, HYDRA, LINK, Vi-PEC, Other EMS, Suspension

Remember Education is Power, once done right 🙂

Remote Tuning vs Physical Tuning

In starting, there is no difference between Remote Tuning and Physical Tuning. Remote Tuning takes a little longer and can capture events more easily and time is the factor to allow true fine tuning. Taking a car on a dyno and you have a prefect tune is not possible. Taking a car on the road for a few mins and have a prefect tune is not possible. If this was the case, OEM manufactures and racing teams will have limited research and testing. In others words, those countless hours you hear would just be lies.

Remote tuning requirements expected by the experience and knowledgeable tuner details that the customer communicates with his tuner in real-time as much as possible and communications channels opened extensively for tuning determination. That is, through you the customer, that knowledge transfer is achieve on any matter.

There are some who due to magazines and because of the bad information from many “Tuning” business seeking a quick way to make money, misrepresent real and detailed tuners who cares about Customer Relations, Service, Stability, Performance, Response, etc. This is a specialised service and should be treated so. That being said, there is no tune for $99, $199 or even one-of tunes. What took your OEM manufacture or racing team years to get right, just cannot come in the form as a pill. Please be wary. Because of the pricing war, tuning prices have been drivened down and the quality of tunes have gotten worst. I am sad to say, the customer now expect less and poor quality tunes are fantastic. This indeed is very saddening. In addition every man is a tuner because of having software in his hands to tune.

Dyno’es – Not created equally
Dyno’es are good. But it is a tool and you should understand this. Not all dynoes are created equal and not all are operated properly. The best Dyno to used is here –
RRI Research Institute

Dyno Testing Information

Noting the above, this will help you determine what is used out in the field. This is extremely important!!!!!!!

The dyno must create a real life environment as much as possible and the quality of the hardware and software is key. That being said, a car dyno tuned should really spend some time on the road to gather data for stability, function and operations. This can take a few days or as long as possible for varying environmental conditions. Remember OEM manufacturers and racing teams. Please make sure your tuner offers this. Don’t be carried away with numbers.

Dyno usage – What it is good for

  • Dialing in areas that needs cruising time
  • Dialing mods that changes the dynamics quickly or drastically
  • Safe area to tune.
  • Ability to see changes easily on a close to control environment. The dyno facility should be controlled as much as possible. This can minimised the number of dyno pulls. Example, Humidity, Temperature, pollution, Noise, etc

Remember and don’t take it as my word – Research, research, research. The tuning should finish up on the road, covering varying environmental conditions. Example, morning to night; hot to cold.

For those who love Dyno figures, having a correction of over 1 is useless. To verify Dyno figure, perform a quarter mile run and determine you realistic power figures.
Xtreme Racing Tuning – Drag Racing: 1/8-MILE TO 1/4-MILE CONVERSION TABLE

So let us get started.

Note: I am going to be precise as much as possible!

What are we talking about based on the subject?
Tuning the stock OEM computer that comes in the car. The majority stated below are also key points for Engine Management Systems or Powertrain Solutions.

Mechanical needs

  1. Try to understand what tuning is. Tuning allows the car to compensate for the environment for which it operates in. Either for general purposes or having high performance needs.
  2. What is needs before tuning – Mechanically
    1. Full Engine Oil service
    2. Spark Plug change
    3. Check for air leaks in the intake and header system – A boost test should be done.
    4. Clean the MAF sensor
    5. Throttle body Clean
    6. Injector Cleaning. Professionally cleaned or using a good quality Injector cleaner
    7. Verification of all necessary sensors and solenoids through logging – Xtreme Racing Tuning – XRT Diagnostic/Troubleshooting Support Service
    8. General maintenance of the car – Brakes, Coolant, Transmission oil, Gear oil, Tyres, Alignment, etc, etc
  3. Tactrix Openport 2.0 Cable
  4. Ecuflash software
  5. Romraider Software – Romraider.exe | Latest RomRaider LOGGER Definitions

Tuner needs

Now after all of the prelim ground work been done, the next task is finding a tuner. Remote tuning should not offer anything less. Actually it should offer more!
The tuner should be:-

  1. Very well Experience
  2. Should have excellent Customer Service – The community should highlight this.
  3. His work broadcast and can be seeing online
  4. Excellent Customer Reviews
  5. Very knowledgeable about his job and the car to be worked upon
  6. Excellent knowledge in Diagnostic and noting issues before issues gets out of hand
  7. Excellent Support Services – Phone, email, messaging
  8. Excellent communication skills
  9. Quick to respond within 4hrs
  10. Understanding of family committment and factors that affects the tune
  11. Excellent abilities in setting up computers and instructing/lecturing
  12. Be quick and excel in highlight your tune to you with graphs and data, if needed.
  13. Etc etc etc


Testing should be done as follows:-

  1. Follow your tuners direction precisely. Don’t do more than what is needed. If otherwise, seek advise.
  2. Relate any issues to the Tuner, even if you do no think it is important
  3. Safe area
  4. Cruising to spirited driving in areas to create minimal to high load stress on the car. These are mentioned below.
  5. Hills
  6. Varying environment conditions
  7. Flat roads, especially for dyno pulls. When performing dyno pulls, do not sit waiting for the car to heat soak. This will reduce power tremendously.

Please note the above should just wet your interest and should drive dialogue between you and the company/Tuner of interest.

24 responses on “Remote Tuning

  1. Micah

    I figured its time to update the NA 2.5i crew since its been years posted! Yes turbo is the way to go, but leaving the NA boys behind got to learn to get to the good stuff later down the road. Having said, Edward has been working with me to get the 2.5i wagon right to were the engine will run its full potential. (get the oil change small maintains to get ready to find the issues) just received the tactrix 2.0 cable and working to get the laptop with the downloads. I have some problem codes because of the mods: p420, p0170, you know the ones where subaru ecus hate the fact opening up the intake and exhaust! The mods list: intake short ram(injen), lightweight crake pulley, exedy stage one racing clutch, 13lb fidanza(big improvement but caused the rpms to drop below 500rpms due to the crank and lightweight pulley), tsuedo headers unequal length added with ultra quiet virbrant resonator 2.5 inch to the back of the 40 series flowmaster.(Yes, it sounds good even to the rice haters. It will sound better with a tune!) With that said I am setting up with Edward to troubleshoot and flash to have the car running right, before getting to the tune! For those who been wondering where to get your NA tune your search is OVER! Thanks Edward for your patience and looking forward to working with you!

  2. Max

    I would like to get my 2020 Subaru crosstrek tuned it has a AEM cold air intake, Un equal length high flow catted header, Crawford performance intake risers and a full 3” header back exhaust with 1 vibrant ultra quiet. And it’s cvt. How much would it be to get tuned.

  3. Tyson

    I’ve got a 2001 Legacy RSK B4 (ej208) going single turbo and fully built soon are you able to tune this ecu

  4. Shady Tadroos

    I have a 2016 Impreza limited 2.0 CVT. I have a cold air intake on and about to put a catted straight pipe. I need advice on what else to do before the tune. Can you help?

  5. Richard Longbottom

    Hi there
    I have a 2010 3.6r gen 5 outback. I am in the Uk and run 97 Ron fuel. I have purchased raptor headers, and I am going to get a cat back exhaust system (although I believe that I may also need to change the cats.. ) I am struggling to find anybody in the Uk with any knowledge of mapping this car.. can you help?

      1. Lucious McDonald

        I have a 2016 2.5 Subaru Legacy. I have a HKS Cold air intake and a dual, 4 inch pipe Gladiator exhaust system with the resonator removed. Can you help with a tune to get the most from this setup?Also looking to get the Raptor supercharger. Or would you recommend the turbo route? I cannot seem to find a setup.

          1. Lucious McDonald

            Yes, I purchased the tune and the tool today. What is the next step?

  6. Tosh

    Hey man, I own a 2015 JDM Impreza Sport 2.0i Hybrid (CVT) (GPE) with the FB20X engine. Have you tuned or can tune this model? Cheers

  7. Mitchell Fisher

    I have a 2014 Subaru Outback 3.6R that I would like to get your 5EAT tune for. Would you please let me know how this works? Thank you!

  8. Steven Leblanc

    Hi my name is Steve , i have a 2015 3.6 legacy and i would like to have it tuned for that extra bite .

    1. west_minist Post author

      Ok. You will need the Tactrix cable. I will respond further with additional information.

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