XRT Subaru CVT Tuning

Subaru Tuning that affects CVT Operations & Performance by Xtreme Racing Tuning (XRT)

XRT have continue to master the operations and performance of the CVT through tuning and customer feedback and based on the results, we are offering that edge in tuning CVT models like what we did to the 5EAT and the 4EAT.

Generally, the following are expected when tuned (The Transmission Computer is not tuned):

  • Quicker shifting
  • Firmer shifting
  • Appropriate gear selection for less labouring or load on the engine
    Less ping/knocking due to the transmission wanting to be in high gear all the time.
  • Less pedal moving to make the transmission shifting
  • Better fuel mileage
  • Easy over-taking and maneuvering due to quicker acceleration due to the above points.

XRT Offers additional stages for CVT tuning.

  • Stage 1 – offers greater shifting and operations. This is the mode many requires if you want to have full control when the transmission shift for hill climbing, racing, over-taking etc.
  • Stage 2 (Full Sports Mode) – offers increase response and less throttle lag. Direct throttle control. Now you maybe able to spin those tires on moving off or get that maximum torque to the ground. Transmission Cooler is recommended if you plan to drive her hard

Graphical review of the CVT vs 5EAT – http://xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=692

For further reading and customer reviews, please visit – http://xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=122&t=695

12 thoughts on “XRT Subaru CVT Tuning”

  1. Hi there,
    I have a 2014 foester 2.0xt premium with a cvt.
    Cart is fantastic but trans is very jolty and shuttery.
    Would like to have a remotes tune performed as it is a daily driver and a daily annoyance.

  2. how are you .
    I have a 2010 subaru legacy(ej253) with a TR-690 usdm.
    I have a slite knock or ping, only at lite throttle from 1350 rpm to 1420 rpm, which makes me use premium gas just because of this.
    it looks like subaru tuned this tranny like if it was a diesel or something, the car weights 3350 lbs. awd fulltime , ironicly the car performs well beyond quater throttle.
    this is what i think should fix the problem #1 increase the cvt lite throttle to 1450 rpm or a richer afr mixture of around 14.01= to 13.7 = 1 .
    Please advice , am looking to do this by october or next march.

    1. Usually tuners just tune the engine as normal, not taking into relation the Transmission operations with the engine and vice versa.

      You are always welcome to email us, but we will be ready for you. Once on-broad, we will apply the following to your tuning:-

    2. XRT Engine Tuning
    3. XRT CVT Tuning
    4. XRT XTMP
  3. Are all things the same for Forester SJs as they are for the WRX 15+? I am curious about learning more.

  4. Good day, I have a JDM 2011 Subaru legacy sedan EJ2.5i na with the
    TR690 cvt. I would like to know the cost for a remote transmission tune (stage 1)

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