Subaru Torque Management Patch (XTMP)

Subaru Tuning that affects the Torque Management Operations & Performance of the Engine by Xtreme Racing Tuning (XRT)

XRT continue to MASTER the Operations and Performance of the transmission (5MT, 6MT, 4EAT, 5EAT, CVT) delivery of TORQUE & POWER to the ground in any models utilising the 32bit ECU (Legacy, Impreza WRX & STI, XV, Crosstek, etc). This is seen through tuning, customer feedback and REAL results based and posted all over the internet, including here on XRT.

Addition reviews are here for Auto Transmissions:
Torque Management are already patched in those tuning!

Generally, the following are expected when tuned (The Transmission Computer is not tuned in the Automatic cars):

  • Quicker shifting
  • Firmer shifting
  • Appropriate gear selection for less labouring or load on the engine
  • Less ping/knocking due to the transmission wanting to be in high gear all the time.
  • Less pedal moving to make the transmission shifting
  • Better fuel mileage
  • Easy over-taking and maneuvering due to quicker acceleration due to the above points

Please remember that even Manual Transmission models are affected and are able to accelerate and spin tires easily and freely. Please disable Traction Control.

2 thoughts on “Subaru Torque Management Patch (XTMP)”

  1. I’ve been using the XTMP for about a week or so now and I must say, it is a very nice addition on top of the already nice Stage 2 5EAT tune. My car leaps forward from a stop even quicker now, the pedal response has increase on the latter end of the throttle. Where before it felt like the rest of the pedal didn’t want do to much, XTMP seems to keep the engine from holding back so much and power gets to the ground better in certain instances. It also seems that it may have positively affected the shifting, when upshifting at WOT.

    1. That’s great as we strive to push transmission tuning higher and higher, achieve greater goals compared to other tunes out there.

      Thank you.

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